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At Tasik Divers, we do everything we can to help you discover the best of North Sulawesi's diving. We have the experience to treat you to the best of Bunaken National Park (our play ground), the Lembeh Strait and also Bangka Archipelago.

Dive boat
Dive boat and divers

Diving the Tasik Experience starts from our house reef...at least 5 house reefs and 2 amazing mangroves, 30 seconds from the shore; a new great experience for snorkelers or divers. Of course, you've got many more options (with more than 26 dive sites quickly reachable with our speed boats, plus our full comfort boats taking 16 people to visit the 50+ sites of Bunaken. Not enough? If you want to explore the amazing Lembeh and the beautiful Bangka, we can take you with our own fleet of ground transportation to give you the best service.

From 2 dives to 6 dives per day because every day we want you do as few or as many dives as you want. We offer Early bird dives, Mandarin dives (at sunset) and Night dives.

Dive boat in front of Manado Tua Island

WE WANT TO GIVE YOU A SERVICE THAT GOES BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS! Since we know that each diver has different requirements, needs and interests, we listen to our guests and truly look after their every.

Along with the existing facilities, we aim to add a larger more user friendly camera room complete with computer station that will enable photographers to relax and share fish stories. We will have new Scubapro regulators and equipment along with an updated compressor room, with two new 320Lpm compressors along with the addition of our own membrane Nitrox system. Combine this with the option to rent quality cameras with housings to match and start snapping those shots.

Enriched Air NITROX

Start from our jetty stairs to discover lion fish, anemone fish, sea horses, pygmy seahorses, octopus, nudibranchs and colorful corals.

Dive options:

  • 3 dives West Bunaken
  • Individuals dive East Bunaken
  • Mandarin Dive (dusk dive) picture of mandarin fish
  • Night Dive
  • Early Bird Dive
  • Lembeh Straits
  • Bangka Island

Safety is our policy. All our dives have the high specification for safety (we follow the standards of US Coast Guard for our boats and we follow international regulations) and we carry first aid kit, first dive aid kit, oxygen, location devices, DSMB (if you don't have you can ask one borrow to us), spare equipment, radios and cell phones, lights, air horns, life vest, flares and all the devices necessary to give to you a safe, comfortable and enjoyable dive.

North Sulawesi is divided in three main areas: Bunaken National Park where the west side of the park is full of diversity, colors and vibrant life. East side gives you an amazing view of walls that fall to the abyss. To explore this area we have two different options depending on your requirements. Fast speed boats that cover the local area and allow to you explore the best of the west side of the park and for the east side of the park we offer our large purpose built dive boats. Fully fitted with reef (and diver!) friendly storage type toilets, seated dive deck, large sundeck and dry salon. oxygen, radio and first aid, along with personal spaces for those "bits and pieces" we all bring along.

With the future firmly in mind, Tasik Divers is planning to add a newly commissioned vessel Voyager to the existing fleet, which will add versatility and speed to what will continue to be a professional and dedicated service. » See Boat design (PDF).

Starting with 3 dives a day, there are options to include shore, mandarin and night dives. Simply relax and let our highly trained, experienced team of dive professionals take care of your every need. With small groups of 4-5 divers to 1 guide we go that bit further.

Tasik Divers

There will also be the option to dive in smaller groups and to shore dive from the jetty following our soon to be installed steps and dive for fun "roped underwater safari map", where you can find lots of information taking you on a safe underwater adventure of discovery.

Tasik Divers' office stays open until late and the dive center manager will be around in the evenings for dinner to answer questions and just chat if that suits you.

Want to get to Bangka? That's back on the menu with Tasik Divers. We will drive overland to Likupang (taking you to the northern end of the Island) then boat across to Bangka.

Whatever you need we have it all.


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